Xmas Party 2020

The first Cockburn 4WD Club Xmas Party was held in December at The Last Drop, Beeliar.

About 65 Members turned up over the course of the evening. Apart from the socialising, enjoying food and drink and reminiscing over past Trips, Members received awards for making an impression on Trips throughout the year, and, later, were able to participate in a huge raffle.

Member Awards

The criteria for this Award was simple – attend a minimum of two Trips and, in some way, make an impression. Trips Coordinator Kim Epton presented Awards to 23 Members.

Aaron made an impression on the Murchison River Expedition where he was bogged four times (or maybe more – it was difficult to keep count). To be fair everyone else got bogged at least once. Conditions were treacherous. For a supposed boating expedition there was a lot of vehicle recovery going on.

Adi looked after everyone’s drinks admirably on the Dalwallinu Wildflowers Road Trip with some of his very own concoctions.

Andrew and Joanne’s tongue in cheek Award was for being  ‘early birds’. At least they were Early Birds on the  WA’s Best Bakeries Road Trip.

Brad can relied on to keep everyone entertained throughout a Trip and particularly around the campfire.

Brad got the 2WD Award. The back story to this is a little detailed. On the Outback Trek it rained and rained on the last night, so much so that we thought we might have difficulties making the 50 metres from the campsite to the track. It was arranged that the lightest vehicles would drive out first. Those with locker diffs were last out. Brad was third last. Unwittingly, he drove out in 2WD.

After putting his vehicle on its side on the Harvey Weir Hills, Tracks, Ruts and Holes Trip, Brian knew well in advance what Award he was getting.

Corey got the Broken Parts Award after a particularly ruinous time on the Gus Luck Track Trip where he snapped an awning mount, destroyed a tyre and broke a spare wheel mount.

Fiona and Nick Carroll earned themselves the Selfie Award. See the Margaret River Tracks and Beaches Road Trip.

Glenda’s Glamping Award was an easy decision. Just have to get that entry to the sleeping quarters sorted! See more at Dalwallinu Wildflowers Road Trip.

Extended Trips apart, Graham has participated in nearly every Club Trip and deservedly got the Frequent Traveller Award.

Keen photographer Jane supplied many of the pics for the Trip Reports on this website and deservedly got the Photographers Award. Jane supplied the photographs for this story!

Jodie got the prestigious Ernestine Hill Award. Look it up!

Justin likes to be on time and likes Trips to be on time. So do we! His On Time Award will remind us all that departure time is 0800.


In 2020 Lyndon’s shifts were often  ‘unfriendly’ in relation to scheduling of C4WDC Trips and he was able to be on most Trips only ‘part time’.

Matt’s ‘Bush Mechanic Award’ tells only part of the story. He was plagued with issues in 2020 (excuse pun).

Mushy has connectivity where no-one else does. He says it is his amazing tablet. We think it is voodoo. Anyway, he shares.

Nick always makes sure that firewood is available and the campfire is fed but under control.

President Paul presented Kim with his Loud Shirt Award.

Roger got the Rocks and Ruts Award. He must love those tracks around Harvey Weir.

Shaun efforts in  making a bush dunny did not go unrecognised.

Steve’s “I’m still in the room” Award needs some context. On the first night of the Outback Trek Steve was doing a tour of the surrounding farms and phoned Kim to get some advice on where the camp was. After an extended conversation that put Steve on the right track, Kim returned to the campfire, Mushy asked, ” Who was that?” Kim replied, ” Steve. He’s bloody lost again!” ” Err, Kim, I’m still in the room.”

Stuart’s part in recovering Brian’s vehicle at Harvey was ‘known but no photo’, however,  his prowess in the sand dunes at Yeagarup was recognised.

Tania rolls out her swag on every Trip.

Next year we will set up the table for the Awards on the other side of the room so the presenter is not ‘crossed over’.

Our giant raffle started after the Awards and was highlighted by two or three people winning numerous prizes. Steve Cook won the door prize of a $500 vouchers for goods or services from our Sponsor, Medicar Automotive Solutions.

Thanks again to Jane Dooley for supplying the photographs for this Report.


Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters throughout the year.

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