Wokalup Circuit Day Trip

After meeting at Pinjarra we headed south towards Wokalup and then turned east towards the Darling Scarp.

The initial 10 kilometre stretch of the track was relatively easy, providing a smooth start to the Trip with no significant challenges.




However, with the increase in the inclination of track so too did the difficulties increase - all emanating from the overnight rain. The track became slippery, posing challenges for all vehicles. One particular hill climb had a choice of two routes – one considerably more difficult than the other. I decided to tackle the harder line. About 80% of the way to the top the slippery mud brought me to a standstill. Winch time!




Duane defied our expectations and drove his Patrol to the top without too many issues - what became the standout accomplishment of the day. Other members of the group attempted the hill climb but ultimately opted for the easier track to reach the top. This challenging hill climb was only the beginning - marking the commencement of the more demanding sections of the track with ruts, rises and rough sections that tested skills and vehicles.




Time for lunch – after which we briefly lost our way but managed to find the correct track after some searching. The hills and track continued to provide us with excitement and challenges throughout the remainder of the day, leading up to the major hill climb at the power lines.




Although some of us had tackled this hill on previous trips, we found it even more rutted and slippery than expected. We made the decision to leave this challenge for our next visit and called it a day.




Once again, the Wokalup Circuit did not disappoint. It proved to be an exhilarating trip, throwing up many challenges that tested our vehicles and our four wheel driving skills. Wokalup is a beautiful area and, combined with the challenging tracks, it’s an excellent choice for a top quality Day Trip.


Gilbert Karel (Trip Manager) - Toyota Prado
Warren Peers - Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
Greg Mazengarb - Landrover Discovery
Duane Buckenara - Nissan Patrol
Peter Walpole - Landrover Discovery