The Trip Leader has at all times, the absolute discretion to make the final judgement to determine the suitability of vehicles proposed to participate in a Trip or equipment proposed to be used. Furthermore, the Trip Leader has the discretion to accept or reject any person’s participation. This specifically includes drivers and passengers, whether before or after the commencement of the Trip. Such acceptance or rejection will be in accordance with the relevant club By Laws.

The Trip Leader will call a driver meeting prior to the start of the Trip and at any time required during a Trip.

The Trip Leader will appoint a ‘Sweep’ who will be at the end of the convoy and will notify the Trip Leader of convoy progress, including but not limited to information regarding the convoy’s progress at a turn, departure from a stop, completion of an obstacle. The Sweep must have Moving Map Technology (MMT).

The Trip Leader will appoint Track Marshals for a trip, if required. Track Marshals are in charge of guiding or assisting members through obstacles. In the event of winching being necessary, the winch operator will automatically become a Track Marshal.

The Trip Leader will moderate any disputes or issues between drivers.

Trip Leader Duties

Issue a Trip Notification at least one month before the intended Trip.

Ensure each participant has signed a Waiver and Indemnity before the Trip commences (no later than at the Meeting Point).

Lead the Trip or appoint someone else to give them experience.

Give daily briefings or as required.

Arrange carrying of special equipment (Automated External Defibrillator, first aid kit, sat phone).

Know the order of convoy (to assist with radio calls) by either appointing positions or, if drivers self select, from advice by the Sweep.

Conduct a radio check before moving off.

Navigate the Trip.

Keep the Trip moving.

Advise of alternative routes around obstacles.

Manage usage of Sat Phone.

Resolve disputes if they arise.

Decide on stopping places and duration.

Appoint Recovery Marshals when required.

Control the radio interaction. Ensure maintenance of efficient Radio Procedure. Humorous and pleasant banter over the radio makes a trip more enjoyable, however, the Trip Leader should ensure that it does not impinge on navigation or efficient conduct of the Trip.

Ensure maintenance of efficient Convoy Procedure.

For more information see the Trip Leaders Manual.

Format of Briefing by Trip Leader

Departure (from Meeting Place)

This Departure Time is included in the Trip Notification.

Departure (Multi Day Trip)

Advise Departure Time the previous night . The advice should be in the form:

“We will depart as soon as everyone is ready but no later than 8.00 a.m.”

Trip Leader Briefing

Call a briefing for 10 minutes before departure. At the discretion of the Trip Leader the briefing may be delivered over the radio after departure.

Convoy Procedure

Advise the colour/name of the Moving Map Technology (MMT) Route that is being followed.

Reiterate important points of Convoy Procedure.


“Once I determine the nature of the road I will advise what speed I am maintaining.  Advise if you would prefer a slower speed.”

Composition of Convoy

Determine and advise the order of the vehicles in the convoy giving regard to:

  • experience;
  • fitment of winches;
  • MMT.

Advise drivers to remain in their convoy positions.

Highlights of the Day

Describe each highlight and how long will be spent there.

Lunch Stop


“The Lunch Stop is planned for Xxxxxxx It may be changed. 40 minutes is allocated for lunch but if everybody has finished earlier we will leave earlier.”



“Distance to travel today is XXX km.  We plan to be at the campsite by 5.00 p.m.”

Procedure If You Need to Stop

Advise the Trip Leader of your intention.

ALL vehicles will stop.

It is NOT a case “You continue and I will catch up”.

Sweep will NOT pass any vehicle.

Procedure if Lost

Advise Trip Leader by UHF radio or phone, if possible.

Try to navigate back to the (colour) line.


Generally, the Trip Leader will appoint a Sweep before the Trip and advise them of their duties. They must have MMT and a working radio.

Trip Reporter

Generally, the Trip Leader will appoint a Trip Reporter before the Trip and advise them of their duties. The Trip Reporter may choose their position in the convoy.

Ask if there any Questions


Radio Check

Before the convoy departs conduct a Radio Check. Use the list of participants provided to ensure everyone has their radio switched on and the correct channel selected. Do not proceed until this is confirmed.