The person nominated as Sweep drives the last vehicle in a convoy and advises the Trip Leader of a convoy’s progress around turns and obstacles, departure from a stop, and entering and exiting major roads. If/when the convoy gets turned around from a missed turn or other reason the Sweep acts as the Trip Leader until the Trip Leader can again get to the head of the convoy.

Duties of Sweep

  1. Assist Trip Leader (TL) with trip as directed.
  2. Advise drivers of their convoy position as they move off from a stop (whether their position has been appointed by TL or self-selected) and record these positions should they be required later by TL.
  3. Advise TL when the convoy is mobile.
  4. Advise TL when a nominated change in direction completed.
  5. Advise TL when the convoy has completed the move from or to a major road.
  6. Advise TL when a participant leaves convoy. Stay with the participant that may have briefly left the convoy. Advises TL when mobile again.
  7. Close/Leave Open gates as advised by TL.
  8. Ensure cleanliness of area at all stops before leaving.