Duty of Care

Members participate in Club events by their own choice and in doing so acknowledge and accept full responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of those actions.

At all times the Club attempts to conduct events in the safest possible manner. Regardless, there may circumstances over which the Club and its members have no control.

Participants have a duty of care in relation to their property, themselves and all other participants and their property, during an event arranged by the Club.

Participants must ensure that their actions and behaviours are of the highest standard, and further, that their actions and behaviours do not cause or are not likely to cause an unsafe situation for either themselves or any other participant in a trip or activity.

Conduct of Trip Procedures (including Convoy Procedures) have been instituted to provide safety and enjoyment for all participants.

Waiver and Indemnity

Each Member must sign a ‘broad’ Waiver and Indemnity to cover all activities of the Club at the time of their joining.

Apart from this once-only Joining Waiver and Indemnity each participant in a  Club-authorised trip/activity must sign a ‘specific’ Waiver and Indemnity prior to engagement in the trip or activity. The Waiver and Indemnity is not required for Social Functions or Meetings.

The person in charge of the activity/Trip Leader is responsible for ensuring that each participant completes the specific Waiver and Indemnity prior to the commencement of a trip or activity.

It should be noted that the differences between the Waiver and and Indemnity required on joining the Club and that required for each Club-authorised trip/activity, while minimal, are salient.

The Club has determined that these Waivers and Indemnities are required regardless of the status of the Cockburn 4WD Club Inc. as an incorporated entity under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.