What can the Cockburn 4WD Club do for you?

The initial premise for establishing the Club was ‘family friendly, 4WD touring’. That clearly resonated with a lot of people. A family orientated club catering for family participation.

Although most members are from the Cockburn area, this is not mandatory. Membership of the Cockburn 4WD Club provides many advantages for 4WD owners. Organised trips in the company of people who have similar vehicles and interests. The advantages of travelling with a group of experienced four wheel drivers are many.

The Club has regular events including trips, social functions and training. Guest speakers at our bi-monthly meetings deliver presentations on a wide and varied range of subjects. The Club has knowledgeable and experienced drivers willing to help those new to four wheel driving. We are part of an Australia-wide insurance scheme that provides a wide range of protections when you’re out there four wheel driving.


The Cockburn 4WD Club uses Facebook to alert its members and the general public of upcoming events. Please like and follow the Cockburn 4WD Club's Page on Facebook to keep up to date with future events.




Margaret River Tracks and Beaches – Group 1

The Margaret River Tracks and Beaches Road Trip started at BP Baldivis. Because of the large number of vehicles participating and the tight tracks at particular parts of the route the Road Trip was split into three groups. This is the Report of Brad and Jane’s group including Hyney and Beatrice in their Jeep, Lance […]

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Gus Luck Track

The Plan was to do more than just the Gus Luck Track. The Trip was planned for four and half days from 22-26 October 2020. We would spend the first night at Mindebooka Rock, south of Doodlakine. The next morning we would travel to Merredin, then Sandford Rocks where would try to find a part […]

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Harvey Weir Hills, Tracks, Ruts and Holes

Eighteen vehicles wheeled out of Byford, with participants looking for some 4WD fun on the hills around Harvey Weir. At the weir (and after having picked up another vehicle along the way) tyres were aired down and the convoy was split into two groups.  Nick Carroll lead the first group and Brian Hunt lead the […]

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Dalwallinu Wildflowers Road Trip

A four day tour of the Pithara/Dalwallinu area in early October 2020. Our Road Trip was a little bit late for the best of the annual spectacular wildflower display, however, this was no loss as the locals believed that the season was less than optimal anyway. Trip Leader Matt Hall arranged for us to camp […]

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WA’s Best Bakeries

Despite the title of this Road Trip it was not just a drive on bitumen roads from bakery to bakery. It was a genuine 4WD trip with plenty of challenging, tight, overgrown tracks and spectacular scenery is some of the prettiest parts of Western Australia. Day 1 Saturday 12 September 2020 We left Byford and […]

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Outback Trek 2020 – Mt Palmer Track

We finished the Gus Luck Track at Yellowdine. The weather was foul. A strong, cold, south-easterly was blowing. The sealed Great Eastern Highway to home was tempting and  three crews chose to take it. Kim, Steve, Aaron, and Brad and Jane continued on the planned route along the unmaintained Mt Palmer Track. Hardly worth a […]

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Outback Trek 2020 – Gus Luck Track

Day 8 Gus Luck Track From the now-non-existent town of Goongarrie on the Goldfields Highway to Goongarrie Homestead, a DPAW Conservation Reserve about 14 kilometres west,  the track is wide open and good travelling. It deteriorates after the turnoff to Davyhurst. The way we went. We emerged at the boundary of Goongarrie Starion about 30 […]

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Outback Trek 2020 – Goldfields

Day 6 – Great Victoria Desert to Leonora We left our camp at the top of Lake Minigwal heading out of the desert and towards Burtville. About 19 kilometres to the north we hit a wide, well maintained, 80 kph track. Clearly there is a mine nearby. As the road turned further to the north […]

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Outback Trek 2020 – Great Victoria Desert

Into the Great Victoria Desert. We refuelled and hit the bitumen heading east on the Eyre Highway. At Fraser Range it was a sign of the times that the leaseholders had locked the gates at the three possible access points to the Fraser Range-Zanthus Track. While we could have visited the homestead to arrange access […]

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Outback Trek 2020 – Dunns Track

The Plan for the 10 day, 3200 kilometre Outback Trek was to travel Dunns Track from Cocanarup to Norseman, refuel there and head to Fraser Range from where we would drive to Zanthus, a siding on the Trans Australia Railway. We would then head north to Cundeelee, Queen Victoria Springs and Streich Mound. We would […]

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Coolgardie to Mount Jackson

Our route north of Coolgardie took us to Kunanalling, a gold mining ghost town that drew its last breath in 1942. Kunanalling Gold was discovered here by Speakman, Erickson and Ryan in 1892 and by 1898 the town was booming. It boasted a telegraph station, police station, court house, government school, post office, mechanics institute, […]

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Friday It was cold, wet and miserable when we set up camp at Winnejup. Shelters and a fire improved the outlook. There was consistent rain and wind throughout the night. The popups were welcome. Saturday We planned to drive to Yeagarup via Yornup, Wheatley, and Deanmill, rather than just beat down the bitumen to Manjimup […]

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