Ninghan Station Outback Experience

July 2021

It is time to head north to finish the school holidays.

For all the Outback Truckers fans, a haulpack heading north was a welcomed disruption.

With its very out of place architecture, particularly for Western Australia’s Wheatbelt, New Norcia in the Wheatbelt is always a great stop.

We made a stop for lunch at the delightful Jenny’s Kitchen in Dalwallinu. Next up was a visit to Wimmera Farm to see The Windmill Shed. On the outskirts of Dally, Jim Sawyer, the font of all knowledge when it comes to windmills, was there to show us his two sheds of windmills. What a character! What a collection!

Leaving Dallwallinu we travelled to Wubin and, just north of this important transport hub, turned into our campsite for the night at Wubin Rocks. Of course, there was the obligatory Cockburn 4WD Club style campfire.

An early start saw us head north for the final hour to arrive at Ninghan Station. After meeting the owners, Don and Ashley Bell and seeing their prized gold collection, we dropped the camper trailers and headed up the mountain track to the peak of Mount Singleton.

The views were spectacular. It was one of the highlights of the Trip.

In times past the Ninghan area was as a meeting place for the Badimaya, Nyoongar, Yamatji and Wongi/Wongai peoples to trade ochre, and gum from grasstrees.

Much rain had fallen in the weeks prior to our visit (Cyclone Seroja was just one event), so the ground was well watered – deceptively soft in places.

The station is scattered with spectacular granite rock formations, with rock pools and wild flowers to decorate.

Camping locations on the station, no matter what site is chosen, are amazing. We chose to camp at The Breakaways. For those who arose very early, the sunrise was something else!

On Sunday morning we climbed Warrdagga Rock a huge granite dome that rises about two hundred metres above sea level. It is steeped in local history and is of extreme significance to the local indigenous people, known as a ‘birthing’ place.

Travelling past Karrawan Well (local name), we stopped at another amazing rock formation, near the soak. We decided this was a very fitting place to have a lineup of vehicles and to celebrate Graham Salter’s birthday!

As Sunday wore on it was time to head home with some members of the group heading south on the Great Northern Highway to Cockburn and others taking a longer route via Paynes Find.

After viewing the local museum the trip home for this cohort was along the eastern side of Ninghan Station.




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