WA 4WD Association

The Club is affiliated with the WA 4WD Association.

The WA 4WD Association (Inc) has Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the Black Cockatoo Preservation Society, Track Care, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, and Tending the Tracks, which is associated with Conservation Council.

Nationally, the WA4WDA is affiliated with the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council (ANFWDC), and as a result is able to communicate with other National Agencies to assist in the law making that governs vehicles and the environment.

As a member of the ANFWDC, WA4WDA member clubs have access to the National Public Liability Insurance Scheme, that provides insurance cover for events, trips and functions.  Under this Scheme members of a club affiliated with the WA4WDA are covered for :

  • Public and Product liability;
  • Specific Landowner’s liability;
  • Management liability;
  • Association and Officials’ liability;
  • Voluntary Workers liability;
  • Personal Injury liability.

Cost of Affiliation and Insurance (as at 4 Sep 2020)

WA4WDA  Affiliation $10.00 per vehicle

ANFWDC Affiliation $2.00 per vehicle

National Insurance Policy Fee “AON” $4.00 per vehicle

The WA 4WD Association (Inc) does not interfere with the running of member clubs.