Prospective Member Guide

This Guide is intended to help prospective Members know what is expected prior to making application to join the Cockburn 4WD Club.

  1. You need to own or have access to a mechanically sound 4WD vehicle with reasonable off-road capabilities. Your vehicle must have a Rated Recovery Point. ‘Soft roaders’ and ‘All Wheel Drives’ can join a trip pending approval form the Trip Leader. It does not need to be highly modified although some basic equipment is required. For instance, you do not need a winch however, you will need a UHF radio. See Vehicle and Equipment.

  2. You can speak to either the President or the Secretary expressing your interest in joining the Club, or complete and submit the online Application for Membership. The fee for Membership for 2020-2021 is $35.00.

  3. You will be provided with details about the Cockburn 4WD Club to ensure that it is the most suitable club for what you are seeking. The Cockburn 4WD Club is a family orientated, touring club. The Club is environmentally conscious and respects the tracks it uses and our fellow 4WD community. We are not an ‘extreme’ 4WD Club.Our General Meetings are open to the public.

  4. Members are expected to make a reasonable effort to attend General Meetings and trips on a regular basis, although it is appreciated that not all Members are able to attend every meeting/trip due to other commitments.