1.There is no Nomination Fee.

2. There are two levels of Membership within the Cockburn 4WD Club. “Social Member” and “Full Touring Member”. The Fee for a Social Member is $35.00 per nominated 4WD vehicle and the Fee for a Full Touring Member is $95.00 per nominated 4WD vehicle. A Social Member wishing to attend Trips must upgrade their membership to a Full Touring Membership, this can be done at any time during the membership year. The incremental $60 Membership Fee may be paid in instalments when attending Trips ($20 per nominated 4WD vehicle for a Trip up to four days, $40 for a Trip in excess of four days), or as a lump-sum.

3. Life Members do not pay the Membership Fee.

4. Visitors or Guest vehicles participating in a Club Trip will be asked to pay the equivalent of the Membership Fee instalment as a contribution towards the Clubs cost of insurance and other administrative and trip related costs. If the Visitor or Guest chooses to pay the $35 Social Membership Fee at a later point, these instalment payments will be recognised as a contribution towards the Full Touring Membership.

See more in the By Laws.