Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of the Cockburn 4WD Club for the 2022-2023 Year (01/04/2022 – 31/03/2023). You can now purchase your Membership directly from this website.

The Cockburn 4WD Club was founded and incorporated in mid-2019 by a group of 4wd touring enthusiasts. It is a Trips-based Club concentrating its efforts and time in creating and running well organised, quality Trips for its Members.

General Member participation in administration of the Club and running of Trips/Events is encouraged and appreciated. We hold the minimum possible number of formal General Meetings and, instead, hold social gatherings or Meet and Greets to engage with Club Members – in keeping with our ethos of a 4WD Adventure Club.

Since the founding of the Club, we have created over 95 Trips for Members with more than 820 Trip attendees with an average of a Trip/Event every 20 days. See below for a selection of reports of our previous Trips. Note that reports are not presented for all our Trips.

Though the Cockburn 4WD Club is a relatively large Club this has never created any disadvantages for Members. No Member has ever missed out on a Trip as a result of it being 'full' as we have always implemented a second or even a third cohort for the same Trip.

There is extensive 4WDriving, camping, touring and technical knowledge and experience among Club Members. If you've been thinking about joining a local, thriving and adventurous 4WD Club that will 'take you out there', join the Cockburn 4WD Club now!

The Cockburn 4WD Club welcomes Members from all backgrounds and all levels of 4WD experience, however, you must own, or have access to a 4WD to join us on Trips.


Membership of the Cockburn 4WD Club provides you, as a 4WD owner, many advantages.

You do not need to reside in Cockburn to belong to a 4WD Club that is active and doing great things. Although most members are from the Cockburn area, this is not mandatory and in the infographic below you can see just how far our influence has spread.

We are a family orientated Club. Our Trips are for people who have similar interests - and generally similar vehicles. We organise a wide range of Trips, from Day Trips, Weekend/Overnight Trips to Extended Trips (long trips into remote areas). All our longer Trips have a reason - generally in support of one of our many Projects including:

Drive the Coast
Drive Darling Scarp
Great Southern Road Trip
Explorers Wells Project

Apart from travelling with a group of experienced, well-equipped four wheel drivers, there are many advantages to belonging to the Cockburn 4WD Club:

  • discounts and specials from our Sponsors;
  • substantial and worthwhile discounts from other Supporters for many other equipment/parts/service providers in Cockburn;
  • regular events including trips and training;
  • guest speakers on a wide and varied range of subjects;
  • social functions;
  • knowledge of experienced drivers;
  • public liability and volunteer insurance;
  • technical information and advice.

Checkout our list of previous Trips!


Full Touring Membership Package $70

The Cockburn 4WD Club Full VIP Touring Membership entitles the holder to all Club Trips at no charge for the 202-2023 year.


The eligibility to become a Member of the Cockburn 4WD Club is to:

  1. Own or have access to a road registered, mechanically sound 4WD vehicle with high and low range gears. VW Amaroks are exempt from the low range provision. ‘Soft roaders’ and ‘All Wheel Drives’ may join a Trip dependent on approval from the Trip Leader.
  2. Provide email address, mobile phone number, street address, vehicle make and model, next of kin details, and details of four wheel driving experience to the Secretary or President.
  3. Purchase and complete all details for a Membership Package.
  4. Attend a reasonable amount of Club Meetings and Trips.


1. There is no Nomination Fee.

2. There is one Membership with the Cockburn 4WD Club. "Full Touring Member". The Fee for a Full Touring Member is $70.00 per nominated 4WD vehicle.

3. There is no Trip Fee.

3. Life Members do not pay the Membership Fee.

4. Visitors or Guest vehicles participating in a Club Trip are required to purchase a Trip through the website at a fee of $10 per vehicle per Trip.

See more in the By Laws.

Prospective Member Guide

This Guide is intended to help prospective Members know what is expected prior to making application to join the Cockburn 4WD Club.

  1. You need to own or have access to a mechanically sound 4WD vehicle with reasonable off-road capabilities. Your vehicle must have a Rated Recovery Point. ‘Soft roaders’ and ‘All Wheel Drives’ may join a Trip dependent on approval from the Trip Leader. It does not need to be highly modified although some basic equipment is required. For instance, you do not need a winch, however, you will need a UHF radio. See Vehicle and Equipment.
  2. You can speak to either the President or the Secretary expressing your interest in joining the Club, or purchase a Membership on this website. The fee for Membership for 2022-2023 is $70.00. Join Now
  3. You will be provided with details about the Cockburn 4WD Club to ensure that it is the most suitable club for what you are seeking. The Cockburn 4WD Club is a family orientated, touring club. The Club is environmentally conscious and respects the tracks it uses and our fellow 4WD community. We are not an ‘extreme’ 4WD Club. Our General Meetings are open to the public.
  4. Members are expected to make a reasonable effort to attend General Meetings and Trips on a regular basis, although it is appreciated that not all Members are able to attend every Meeting/Trip due to other commitments.

Join Now

Full Touring Membership Package $70

The Cockburn 4WD Club Full Touring Membership entitles the holder to all Club Trips at no charge for the 2022-2023 year.