Harvey Hills

A one day Road Trip to the hills on the northern side of the Harvey Weir.

We located the correct track down the valley into the area where we wanted to be and aired down by the edge of water. A few hundred metres along the track and we were into the first obstacle.

Next up was what turned out to be the longest climb of the day.

The bottom was softer  than Bradley thought.

Not far along the track was the first mudhole.

A shrt distance further on a freshwater stream was flowing across the track.

Lunch was a a beautiful grassed area on the edge of the water.

The last hill of the day was the most technical and challenging.

The return journey was by of Lake Brockman (Logue Brook Dam).

Brian (Trip Leader)  – Mitsubishi Trition dual cab ute with canopy

Aaron – Nissan Patrol GU Wagon

Bradley  – Mitsubishi Triton dual cab ute with canopy

Craig/Anne – Toyota Landcruiser Wagon

Diane – Nissan Patrol GU Wagon

Fiona – Nissan Patrol GU Wagon

Kim  – Holden Rodeo dual cab trayback

Matt – Nissan Navara dual cab trayback

Paul – Nissan Navara dual cab ute with canopy


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