These ‘fines’ remind participants, in a lighthearted way, of their responsibilities in a team environment.

Vehicle rollover.$20 
Getting lost on a walk to an attraction$20Doubled if no Day Bag.
Not stopping at a corner or change of direction.$10 
Passing a road train/truck and then slowing down.$10In addition to abuse by truckie.
Failure to bring firewood to a ‘picked clean’ campsite.$10Based, roughly, on the cost of a bag of firewood.
Attempting an obstacle before the vehicle in front has cleared it.$5Plus any cost of damage to other vehicle.
Dusting the convoy (or part thereof).$5In addition to abuse by everyone.
Vehicle breaking down due to poor maintenance.$5 
Heading directly home on the last day of trip.$5Exempt if you have a doctor’s certificate.
Any eBay purchase that fails.$2Alibaba purchases also subject to scrutiny.
Last to have tyres inflated.$2Doubled if air compressor is an eBay purchase.
Last to have camp packed.$2 
Camping or socialising away from the main group.$2 each 
Going back into shop/toilet just as convoy is about to depart.$2 
Not filling up with fuel before setting up camp.$2 
Trip Leader missing turnoffs.$2 
Falling asleep during fines session.$2 
Starting vehicle before 7.30 a.m.$1Exempt if doing repairs.
Not turning on your UHF radio.$1Applied if TL has to go to your vehicle.
Expletives on radio.$1Can be paid in advance if you need to vent.
Excessive and unnecessary expletives when kids around.$1 
Burnt damper.$1 
Talking during pre-departure briefing or turning up late.$1