Concessions for Classics Scheme

Reduced Registration Rates

Cockburn 4WD Club Inc. is a Department of Transport (DoT) Approved Club

The Concession for Classics (C4C) scheme is a voluntary concession which is available to owners of eligible street rods and vehicles manufactured prior to 1990. The scheme commenced on 16th April 2021. 

Be sure to read all of the information to see if the C4C suits your needs and that your vehicle meets the eligibility requirements. 

Vehicles must:

  • Be owned by the primary financial member of a DoT approved car club, like Cockburn 4WD Club, or 
  • Be owned by a DoT approved motoring club or association.
  • Be a light vehicle (i.e. a GVM equal to or less than 4500 kg).
  • Fit into one of the following descriptions:  

                     o  manufactured prior to 1990, or
                     o  street rod as defined in the National Guidelines for the Construction and Modification of Street Rods in Australia.


  • 75% exemption from vehicle licence fee
  • Reduced rate on motor injury insurance


  • Vehicles can only be used for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, being:

                     o  60 days to participate in approved motoring club events; and
                     o  30 days for personal use (includes road testing, repair and maintenance).

  • Vehicle owners to record the vehicle use in a logbook, prior to commencing each journey.
  • Vehicles cannot be used for fee, hire or reward.
  • Vehicles must display an approved plate or label stating “Restricted Use’.


  • Concession can be applied to cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, and street rods complying with the weight limit.
  • Car clubs are also eligible for a 75% concession on club vehicles if the club is a legal entity as defined as a corporate body, an incorporated body (like Cockburn 4WD Club), or any other organisation that is recognised as being a legal entity.
  • A vehicle licence with this concession is not transferable without the approval of Concessions Section.
  • The concession is applied from the date of application.

How to apply for a Concessions for Classics concession

  • Applicants must submit a Concessions for Classics Scheme (Form E116) for each vehicle they wish to apply the C4C to.
  • Ensure that the Club declaration on the form has been certified by our Cockburn 4WD Club Authorised Officers: 

                     o  Graham Salter      

The C4C scheme is only available for licensed vehicles. If the vehicle is unlicensed, please contact DoT for details.

  • If the vehicle is currently licensed, completed & certified applications can be submitted to DoT via:

                     o  Email:
                     o  By post:     Vehicle Services (Concessions), Department of Transport, GPO Box R1290, Perth WA 6844 
                     o  In person:  at a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre, DoT regional office or agent ¿


¿Cockburn 4WD Club Inc. responsibilities  

  • As a DoT approved car club, we are required to:

                     o  maintain a register of our financial members, and notify DoT of any changes to their membership status;
                     o  maintain a register of the vehicles owned by our club members on the C4C;
                     o  maintain a register of our approved club events, and
                     o  notify the DoT should the club disband, or the Incorporation Status ceases.

  • On a scheduled and ad-hoc basis, Cockburn 4WD Club will be required to provide DoT with copies of the registers and information for auditing and compliance with the concession requirements.

¿For more information, please refer to the Concession for Classics FAQ’s or go to the Department of Transport website