The Club UHF Channel for Trips/Convoys is 14. Alternative Channel is 15. The Trip Leader will advise if a different channel is to be used.

At an obstacle radio communication is to be directed to the Trip Leader, or, as necessary, the Track Marshal(s) and/or Sweep.

Should a Trip Leader ask a general question of the whole convoy (for example, fuel or toilet stop), the replies should start from the second vehicle position and progress to the rear.

In the event of a problem/emergency, allow the drivers of the vehicles experiencing the problem and those directly assisting the priority use of the radio channel.

The cost of satellite phone usage during a trip may be apportioned equally to trip participants, in accordance with pre-determined guidelines. By participation in a trip, Members acknowledge that they are aware of this and agree with the practice.

Minimum Equipment

Each member is to have, as a minimum, an operational 5 watt output 40 channel UHF radio with external antenna installed in their vehicle, located to facilitate safe use by the driver. 


Main – 14           Alternate – 15

A Trip Leader may advise a change of channel during a trip if circumstances make it necessary.

Channel 5 is reserved for emergency communication. Some other channels have specific purposes. Refer to table below.

The main purpose for radio communication is to enable the Trip Leader to communicate with participants in a convoy. At the Trip Leader’s discretion they may require all communication cease to ensure they have uninterrupted access to the channel. 

Radio Procedure

  1. Ensure no one else is using the channel before transmitting. ¿
  2. When in convoy, identify yourself before saying your message, e.g.  “This is [your name], [your message]. Over ”.
  3. Do not use bad language, offensive jokes/innuendo or any other inappropriate matter that may offend participants.
  4. Do not make critical or uncomplimentary comments about other drivers, road users, people on the street or locations.

Satellite Phone

When available, the Club satellite phone will be in the care of the Trip Leader who may delegate the custody and management of the phone to another trip participant, however, the Trip Leader will still retain the overall responsibility for the satellite phone and its use.

The Trip Leader will advise all participants of the following policy for use of the satellite phone :

Emergency Call

The cost of a call to emergency services in a medical emergency will be paid by the Club.

Vehicle Breakdowns and Recovery Call

A call made with the Club satellite phone by a vehicle owner or driver, or on behalf of the vehicle owner or driver, for the purposes of repair or recovery is not an Emergency Call. It is a Private Call.

Private Call

A Member is required to reimburse the Club for a Private Call made by them using the Club satellite phone.

At the conclusion of a trip any call costs not assigned by the call register to a specific Member will be equally payable by the trip participants and such cost must be paid prior to involvement in a subsequent trip.

Acceptance of all the above conditions by trip participants shall be a prerequisite of the use of the Club satellite phone on any Club trip.