Chittering Moondyne Day Trip

Twelve vehicles assembled at Bullsbrook around 9.00 o’clock on Sunday morning. Trip Leader Jason presented the trip plan and gave us a rundown of how the day would progress. There were many new faces – a very positive sign. A trip recce had been done the weekend before and both Jason and Gilbert, who were on this Trip, had done the recce. The adventure started around 9.25 a.m.

We headed north on the Great Northern Highway and then cut through a back road across to Muchea Road East. The recent rains had made the scenery really green and we marvelled at how much water would be flowing for the upcoming Avon Descent. We then rejoined the Great Northern Highway just south of Bindoon where we headed west on a more scenic ‘back’ route into Bindoon. Morning tea was at the extremely busy, renowned Bindoon Bakery.

Leaving Bindoon we headed south for a few kilometres before turning east onto Flat Rocks Road. It was a beautiful day with the sun on show. At the turnoff for Julimar State Forrest we aired down – in our case to 30 psi.

We soon hit a steep descent taking us further into the forest. There were quite a few dirt bikes and some other 4WD groups out for the day.

We came across a couple of small water crossings and one larger one. Jason was able to give some great advice on how best to cross. Gilbert, who was Sweep (at the back of the convoy) had jumped into the second vehicle across the obstacle (Jenny’s Toyota Prado) to take some photos as the vehicles crossed the water.

After Andrew drove his vehicle across the water there remained only Gilberts’s Prado on the other side of the creek. Gilbert was presented with the scenario that he would have to get Andrew to take him back to his vehicle or he would be stranded. However, Joanne was still on the other side and so with Gilbert’s instructions to keep the vehicle in second gear she drove the Prado across the water crossing with no dramas.

After progressing through the forest we pulled up to an area with a couple of large washouts.

Greg in his Landrover Defender went down a couple of washouts to explore, followed closely by another vehicle.

Brad decided he was going to take his 80 series through the biggest washout which had muddy water in the bottom. He gave it a really good, hard go but unfortunately just couldn’t make it through.

So Peter, in his Landrover Discovery, pulled up on top of the hill in front of the 80 and Jason clambered down to attach the winch rope. A snatch strap was attached from the Landrover back to Gilbert’s Prado and they pulled Brad’s 80 out of the rut. Jenny then followed Brad down another washout which a couple of the other vehicles had also successfully navigated.

Further along the track a tree was blocking the way. Jason asked if anyone had a chainsaw. Rob and Pete answered in the affirmative and, although there was a new track around the fallen tree, Jason suggested should we do a little track maintenance. Pete brought out his chainsaw, the tree was moved to the side of the track and it was once again open to traffic.

Not long after we went up a steep incline – the planned end of the track from the recce. It was decided that the surface of the track was a little too loose and probably not good for any first timers.

We each turned around and headed back down to the powerline road and stopped for a cuppa and afternoon tea.  Jason said we would head out via the powerline road which led out to the main road. As it was 3.30 p.m. he gave people the choice to leave from here to head home or to follow him to do another small section.

Jason provided great leadership and made it an awesome day out for all of us.

Trip Report by Cherie Lewis.

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