Black Point-Lake Jasper-Callcup-Yeagarup

Lake Jasper

Off to the Murchison; no! Kalbarri has just been decimated by Cyclone Seroja. So, a last-minute change has been made to travel to Pemberton.

However, lockdown has just been announced in Perth and Peel, so all trip members need to leave Perth by 6.00 p.m. on the Friday of the Anzac Day long weekend. Traffic was heavy on the way to Pemberton, with hundreds of city folk all having similar ideas. Andrew and Jo were last to arrive, well after 10.00 p.m.

In the morning Trip Leader, Mushy set the scene for the weekend and introduced all team members, including new member, Rod Duffy. After fuelling up and stocking up at the bakery, we were off for the first of two terrific days of four wheel driving.

Our Road Trip headed west through the amazing Karri forest.

Time to air down and then to enjoy the sandy track into the D’Entrecasteaux National Park.


The first stop was at Stepping Stones; an impressive beach with an impressive staircase to the water.

The first line up of vehicles – with Lance’s Hilux, Andrew’s Prado, Rod’s Hilux and Mushy’s new MuX!

After a short yet spectacular coastal track, we arrived at The Breakfast Holes on the eastern side of Black Point. This was a chance for the drone to be released and the surfers to be monitored.

On the path back to the vehicles, naturalist Jo had a keen eye to find a frog burying itself.

It was now time to head down to Surfers Beach, a few hundred metres to the north, via an inspiring and descending track for lunch on the beach. This was an opportunity to welcome newest member Rod to the Club.

After visiting Black Point for some shark spotting, it was off to Lake Jasper. Graham called in to report a flat tyre. The team was slick in getting Graham moving again within minutes.

The track to Lake Jasper was very sandy and required focus in the late afternoon. Lake Jasper did not disappoint, looking its very best. The water, the reflections and the sunken picnic tabled were irresistible.

The only river crossing on the trip.

After soaking up the late afternoon sun, it was time to head back to Pemberton, collecting firewood on the way.

Yeagarup Dunes

The cold morning started with a meeting at the bakery to stock up for the day. The drive to Northcliffe was lovely. Finding the track to Callcup was interesting and the drive to the dunes was spectacular. Winding through coastal forest and up the occasional steep ascent with assistance from rubber track protectors made for a great morning. Being a long weekend, the dunes resembled Hay Street. There were some lengthy delays at the various dunes as up to twenty vehicles patiently waited for their turn – characterised by scores of teenage drivers all keen to chop up the dunes for everyone else!

The Callcup Hill descent.

The mouth of the Warren River was closed which made for an easy crossing. With inlet on one side and ocean on the other, this was time to line up and soak up the amazing opportunity to be there.

Time to ascend the main dune to Yeagarup. Once again, traffic was heavy, and patience was needed. Mushy lead the charge with a couple of attempts – the rest of the team then going for it. There was congestion at the top of the hill as drivers jostled for places to park and wait for all the team to regroup.

The picturesque track to the Yeagarup Air Up Point was yet again a highlight.

With plenty of time left in the day, it was off to the cidery to sample the local brew and then a relaxing drive back to camp via Big Brook Dam.

A great day and a great campfire to close the day.

On Monday we had  a relaxing start packing up and heading home, with the prospect of lengthy delays at the checkpoints back into Perth. However, this did not eventuate as we were waved through with no delays.

Thanks to Mushy for leading us in having a great weekend away.


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