About Us

The Cockburn 4WD Club is a ‘family friendly, 4WD touring’ organisation - a family-orientated club catering for family participation.

Although most members are from the Cockburn area, this is not mandatory. Membership of the Cockburn 4WD Club provides many advantages for 4WD owners, including organised trips in the company of people who have similar vehicles and interests. The advantages of travelling with a group of experienced four wheel drivers are many.

The Club has regular events including trips, social functions and training.  The Club has knowledgeable and experienced four wheel drivers willing to help those new to four wheel driving. We are part of an Australia-wide insurance scheme that provides a wide range of protections when you’re out there four wheel driving.

The Cockburn 4WD Club was founded and incorporated in mid-2019 by Kim Epton and Paul Marriner. It is a Trips-based Club concentrating its efforts and time in creating and running well-organised, quality Trips for its Members.

General Member participation in administration of the Club and running of Trips/Events is encouraged and appreciated. We hold the minimum possible number of formal General Meetings and, instead, hold social gatherings or Meet and Greets to engage with Club Members – in keeping with our ethos of a 4WD Adventure Club.

Since the founding of the Club, we have created more than 100 Trips for Members with more than 1000 Trip attendees with an average of a Trip/Event every 20 days. See the Menu for reports of our previous Trips. Note that not all Trips have reports.

Though the Cockburn 4WD Club is a relatively large Club this has never created any disadvantages for Members. No Member has ever missed out on a Trip as a result of it being 'full' as we have always implemented a second or even a third cohort for the same Trip.

There is extensive 4WDriving, camping, touring and technical knowledge and experience among Club Members. If you've been thinking about getting involved with a local, thriving and adventurous 4WD club, join Cockburn 4WD Club.